Why You Should Get a Wrought Iron Fence

brick and wrought iron fence

Wrought Iron Looks Great When Paired With Brick Fencing or Columns

If you are wanting a classic fencing look but still want protection for your home, consider getting wrought iron fencing. Popular since the Renaissance Times, wrought iron fences have stayed in such high demand due to their beauty and durability. The iron rails are impossible to get through without powerful welding or sawing machinery which a burglar or prankster wouldn’t be carrying on themselves. They also provide visibility, so your animals can still see past the fence but are safely contained. There are many great perks of wrought iron fencing, one of them being they look good with any house exterior, driveway, or gate. A wrought iron fence would look great with a tar and chip driveway. For wrought iron fencing installation in Tulsa, OK, call T-Town Fence & Gate at 918-221-0048 today.

Benefits of Getting a Wrought Iron Fence

  • Versatility with design options: The black iron fencing looks good with any other material and is commonly paired with wood or brick as gates or columns.
  • Protection: You will get a lifetime of security and impenetrability from wrought iron as they cannot be cut through, climbed over, or removed from the ground. You can opt for sharp pikes at the top for added security.
  • Timeless: Wrought iron will never go out of style and classes up any home.
  • Visibility: The spaces between the metal bars allow you to see someone approaching your home and gives you time to call the authorities. This also provides no place for thieves to hide.