Privacy Fence Installation

Do You Need A Privacy Fence For Your Home?

Brick Privacy Fence

Privacy Fences Can Add Value To Your Home, As Well As Keep Neighbors And Pedestrians From Peeking Into Your Yard!

For many homeowners, privacy is an important feature they want in their homes. Privacy fences are a great way to conceal your yard from passersby and nosy neighbors. Beyond that, privacy fences come in many varieties that can accent your home’s style, as well as increase your property value and curb appeal. If you are interested in privacy fence installation in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, call the experts at T-Town Fence & Gate at 918-221-0048! We have years of experience installing and repairing privacy fences, and we stock a variety of different materials you can choose from.

Professional Installation Services

Privacy fences are a great combination of style and utility. At T-Town Fence & Gate, we can provide privacy fence installation with for a variety of landscapes in a variety of different materials, and even install a matching gate. Below we two of our most popular privacy fence materials, along with the benefits they provide. However, since a privacy fence is meant to keep your yard from view, our fencing contractors can help you choose other options as needed. Give us a call today at 918-221-0048 and schedule an appointment. Our fencing pros can asses your property and help you determine which materials will help you best!

Wood is a Popular Choice and Can Be Painted According to Your Needs!

Wood: To begin with the least expensive option, wood privacy fences are very popular in suburban areas. While wooden fences do come with a high level of maintenance requirements, they do provide varying levels of privacy and security according to your needs. You have a few options when it comes to height, as well as the distance between the boards, which can provide more or less visibility according to your wants. Additionally, wooden privacy fences can be stained or painted to complement your landscaping or match your home’s siding or trim!

Concrete, Brick, Or Stone: A fence made of any of these materials will provide you with the maximum amount of security, as well as a long term, low maintenance solution to your privacy needs. Concrete is the least expensive of these three materials, but many homeowners prefer the natural look of stone, or the classic beauty of brick fencing. These types of fences can also have varying degrees of height, and allow for more creativity in terms of design.

At T-Town Fence & Gate, we love working with clients to create custom fences that truly compliment your home. If you are interested in privacy fence installation in Tulsa, OK, contact us at 918-221-0048 and set up your consultation! Our fence contractors are ready and happy to help you get the fence you want and need!