Privacy Fence Vs Wall Installation

Many homeowners would like some sort of privacy around their home, built are unsure of whether to install a wall or fence. Whether you’re looking for more privacy or simply an aesthetic boost, walls and fences can add depth, dimension, and class to your home. Both deliver great benefits to your home, but privacy fencing can offer pleasing curb appeal without the extra cost of wall construction. Find out how a privacy fence can contribute to the overall appeal of your home. Call the T-Town Fence & Gate experts at 918-221-0048 for help with your decision.

Benefits of a Privacy Fence

We Can Help You Choose the Best Privacy Fencing Material for Your Needs.

What Is the Difference Between a Wall and a Fence?

Barrier walls are often defined as a solid structure that follows the length of the property. These structures are made of stone or brick and are incredibly long-lasting. However, they take much longer to build than fencing and can cost up to three times as much. A fence, however, is typically a transparent structure that is comprised of connecting material between two post points. Fences are able to be adjusted and moved since they are not completely attached to the ground. Privacy fencing is a great option for a semi-permanent solution that can be moved, painted, and adjusted. Privacy fencing is also less costly than wall creation, due to the fewer supplies and man hours needed. Not sure whether you want a wall or security fence for your home? The T-Town Fence & Gate experts can help you make the best decision.

What Fence Should I Get?

Most security fencing comes in wooden or synthetic slats that attach together with a crossbar between posts. Your security fence can be anywhere from 5 ft to 9 ft and can deliver a completely blocked view with overlapping slats or a semi-private view with strategically spaced slat boards. Wooden slats are affordable and sturdy and can be painted to match your home. These fences provide ultimate security fencing for around 7-10 years before needing replacement and repair. Synthetic slats offer minimal maintenance and upkeep efforts but are more costly upfront. To find out what type of material is ideal for your privacy fence in Tulsa, OK, call the T-Town Fence & Gate experts at 918-221-0048.