How to Care for Your Wrought Iron Fence and Gate

Why are Wrought Iron Fences Desirable?

Wrought iron fences are beautiful statement pieces for your home landscape. For homeowners seeking increased home security and curb appeal, wrought iron fences are a natural choice. Maintenance is necessary for keeping these elegant structures strong and rust-free.

How Do You Take Care of Your Wrought Iron Fence?

Keep your wrought-iron fence pristine by cleaning it with warm, soapy water when you notice it’s dirty. Check for weeds and remove growing vines on your fence. In particular, prickly vines and scratchy bushes should be limited from the vicinity of wrought-iron fences, as any scratch in the metal can encourage rust. Resistance from weather is a true asset for any fence. This is no less true for wrought-iron fences. Apply a protective coating of car wax or water repellent spray on your wrought-iron fence to prevent the elements from seeping in.

How Can Wrought Iron be Prevented from Rusting?

If you notice rust spots on your wrought-iron fence, scrub them away immediately. Rust can penetrate wrought-iron easily. Proper maintenance of your iron fence requires a keen eye. You can use a toothbrush or other small cleaning brush to get those narrow spots scrubbed clean. Rinse the fence and allow to air dry when you are finished.

How Do You Remove Rust from Wrought Iron?

Rust is the enemy of wrought-iron fences. If your fence has small sections of rust that are impervious to your cleaning efforts, it’s time to escalate your efforts. Use sandpaper and a fine wire brush to scribe the rust off. Afterward, protect the section of fence with wax, a protective waterproof spray, or paint.

Can I Paint Wrought Iron?

You may absolutely paint your wrought iron fence. Make sure you have the right tools before you begin, starting with a primer. Apply a primer that prevents rust. You can find a good primer in liquid or aerosol at most hardware stores. Pro tip: do not apply primer or paint your wrought iron fence when it is hot outside. You will need to complete the entire fence in one day, and if it is hot out, you will be able to see brush marks in the paint. A professional can assist. Once the primer has fully dried (usually taking from one to three hours) you can apply your exterior rust-preventing paint. Your paint may be in liquid or aerosol form, and when applying the paint, pay close attention to drips and patchy areas.

Does Wrought Iron Rust?

Rich in carbon, wrought iron is shaped by high heat into intricate designs. Wrought iron can last a lifetime– provided it is properly cared for. Additionally, wrought iron is stronger than cast iron as it is stretched and shaped into its final shape in contrast to being poured into molds. Yet for all of the strong characteristics of wrought iron, it is not impervious to the elements. When your wrought iron fence is installed, it should be weatherproofed. A layer of durable waterproof coatings will create resilience for years to come, and proper maintenance will increase the longevity of these stylized fences.

Black Wrought Iron Posts in Front of Green Leaves

Wrought Iron Is Obtained From…

Wrought iron is a soft, ductile, fibrous variety of iron that is produced from a semi-fused mass of relatively pure iron globules partially surrounded by slag (mixed oxides).  In ancient times, the first iron was smelted directly from iron ore by heating the latter in a forge with charcoal (charcoal served both as fuel and a reducing agent.) While hot, this substance was removed and worked (wrought) with a hammer to remove the slag and weld the iron into a workable mass.

Wrought Iron With Gate

A wrought iron fence has a great number of advantages over other materials. Its durability and ability to last decades longer than wooden fences make it a natural choice as a gate for your driveway or garden. One of the first considerations a homeowner will have to take on is the design of the fence. A design can easily be selected from a variety of catalogs. Next, the size and dimensions will have to be determined. Keeping in mind the amount of space you would like to utilize in this process will allow the professional you hire to have an accurate image of your vision.

Consult our professionals for your wrought iron gate. Wrought iron gates can easily be mechanized to open and close for your driveway.

Wrought Iron Fence Parts

Wrought iron fence parts are easily classifiable.

  • Railings. Wrought iron railings are ideal for creating a style element for your garden or stairway.
  • Doors. Looking for a complement to your wrought iron fence? Look no further than a wrought iron door. Wrought iron doors bring a combination of security and sumptuousness.
  • Balusters. Balusters are described as a short pillar or column, which is typically decorative in design.
  • Panels. A panel is a flat or curved component, typically rectangular in shape.

Once your wrought iron fence is in place, take an extra step to secure your personal home security. Private residential security is a serious consideration.

Wrought Iron Design

The nineteenth century Industrial Revolution birthed the wrought iron fence in America. As this time period predicates, the design of these fences is historic and stately. For homeowners looking for a stately look, but without the prohibitive price tag, approximately 99% of the fencing is tubular, made in both aluminum and iron. This standard product fits customer price points, and adapts to each application and is an excellent mix of price and quality. The homeowner may select the style of their choice, ranging from classic to contemporary.

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