Wrought Iron Fence Installation and Replacement

The Classic Wrought Iron Fence

Black iron fence

Wrought Iron Fences Add A Level Of Beauty And Longevity To Your Residence That Is Rarely Found With Wooden Fences!

In cities across the nation, some of the most beautiful homes are framed by equally beautiful wrought iron fences. Originating in Europe, wrought iron has been in use since the middle ages, as durable and reliable material. In the 18th century, as fencing became more common in larger American cities, wrought iron fencing began to pop up everywhere! Thanks to the durable nature of this product, you can count on your wrought iron fence to remain beautiful and secure for decades to come. For more ornate designs meant as more of a decorative addition than a security addition, cast iron is a less expensive option that many clients also consider. If you are looking for high quality wrought iron fence replacement in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, call T-Town Fence & Gate at 918-221-0048!

Installation And Replacement


This Elegant Fence Material Allows You To Choose Varying Levels Of Ornate Design.

A wrought iron fence is a beautiful addition to your home that serves as an elegant and reliable form of home security. This fence type is more expensive than other types of fences such as chain link fences, but it adds significant security and curb appeal to your home as well, which can raise the property value in the event of resale. Wrought iron fences come in a variety of different styles, and at T-Town Fence & Gate we love to help our clients with custom fence designs that truly complement their home and personal flair. You can choose different heights, levels of privacy, colors, and simple or ornate designs. Proper wrought iron fence installation leaves you with a high-quality fence that is incredibly difficult to tear down or break through. Additionally, the top of your wrought iron fence can be decorated with pointed tops and pickets to add extra security to your home. Though typically coated to provide protection from the elements, wrought iron fences are sometimes susceptible to rust and other damages. If you notice peeling paint on your fence, or rust, it is important to address these problems sooner rather than later. Detected early on, wrought iron fence installation or replacement can be a simple procedure, but if left unattended you risk needing to replace the entire fence.

If you are looking for high quality wrought iron fence installation in Tulsa, OK or surrounding areas, call us at 918-221-0048. The fencing contractors at T-Town Fence & Gate are fence installation specialists, and we have years of experience installing wrought iron fences. Ask us about our custom fence services as well, and let us help you create the perfect fence for your home!