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All Of Our Fences Are Built To Last!

Are you looking for reliable pine and cedar fence installation in Tulsa, OK or the surrounding areas? At T-Town Fence & Gate, our team of fencing contractors specializes in fence installations and repairs. If you currently have a wooden fence that is in need of repairs, you are looking to replace your current fence, or you would like to install a fence at your property for the first time, give us a call at 918-221-0048! We have years of experience with residential and commercial fences, and we keep only top quality materials in stock. Wooden fences made of typically made of pine, cedar, or both together. When you speak to one of our fencing professionals, they can help you decide what kind of fence is best for your property, requirement, and budget!

Benefits Of Cedar Fences

A Professional Cedar Fence Installation Adds Beauty And Privacy To Your Home!

For a durable, long-lasting fence that adds aesthetic value to your home, we typically recommend pine for the posts of your fence, and cedar for the remainder of your fence. All of the pine that we stock is pressure treated to protect it from the elements, and to ensure the posts last a long time in the ground. Pine boards that have been pressure treated are less expensive than cedar boards, and are typically guaranteed to resist decay and insect damage for at least 20 years. However, pressure-treated pine boards are more susceptible to splitting and warping. Cedar boards are more expensive than pressure treated pine boards, because they are made of a higher quality wood that takes longer to grow. Incredibly stable, cedar boards will not split or warp over time, and fences made with cedar boards are sure to last for years to come. Additionally, due to their stability and overall quality, cedar fences are beautiful and maintain their good looks far longer than pressure treated pine boards can.

If you are interested in a quality pine and cedar fence installation in Tulsa, OK, give us a call today at 918-221-0048! Our fence contractors have years of experience, and we only produce high quality work. Let us help you build the right fence for your needs today!