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A Broken Fence Is Inconvenient And An Eyesore Too! Call Us For Professional Fence Repair Services.

When it comes to a broken fence, you are left with an inconvenient liability on your property, not to mention a less than appealing aesthetic. Your fence can be damaged by simple age and wear tear, or even storms or wildlife. There are plenty of ways your fence can be damaged, but when you need it fixed fast, there’s only one team of fencing contractors you need to call! At T-Town Fence & Gate, we are fence repair specialists, and we have years of experience installing and repairing fences in Tulsa, OK. You can count on our team to assess your fence and help you determine what your best course of action is.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Fence

While we are happy to provide fence repair services to almost any kind of fence, sometimes it may be better to replace your fence than to repair it! Below, we have listed a few of the many fence types we service, and some different scenarios that could constitute repair or replacement. If you need quality fence repair in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, give us a call at 918-221-0048 and schedule an appointment today!

Wooden Fences: Pine and cedar fences are the most common wood fences we see at residential homes, and these fences are susceptible to a host of problems. If your entire fence is starting to loosen at the joints, as well as cracking and missing planks, we will typically recommend replacement, as a replacement can be less expensive than repairs to each individual board. For one or two missing planks, or holes caused by pet, kids, or accidents, we can provide fast and affordable fence repair services.

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Damages Like This To A Chain Link Fence Are Easily Repaired By The Professionals!

Wrought Iron Fences: When you invest in a wrought iron fence, you are investing in a fence that is great to look at, and incredibly durable. However, without proper maintenance, even your iron fence can be susceptible to rust. We recommend that you treat rust immediately when you notice it on your wrought iron fence. Addressing rust early on can protect your investment, and if you wait too long, rust repair may no longer be a viable option.

Chain Link Fences: Chain link fences are a commercial favorite thanks to their long-lasting durability and cost-effectiveness. However your chain link fence can begin to gather rust over time. If you are noticing rust on less than 20% of the fence, you should consider removing and repairing only the rusted sections. If the rust is on more than 20% of the fence, it is typically less expensive to replace the entire fence. If your chain link fence has been cut or knocked over, fence repair is a fast and affordable course of action!

If you need fence repair in the Tulsa, OK area, contact our team of fencing contractors today at 918-221-0048!