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Looking for farm fencing professionals to support your upcoming installation? Our team at T-Town Fence & Gate offers many convenient solutions for farmers and other livestock owners who are looking to protect and contain their animals. Our team has supported the local community for years, and you can count on our team to provide lasting results!

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Farm Fencing Services

Also known as field or horse fences, choosing the right material for your livestock is more just a matter of size. There are several factors to weigh in your decision, such as:

  • Material Cost
  • Containment Strength
  • Animal Size
  • Animal Behavior
  • Future Maintenance
  • Installation Difficulty

At T-Town Fence & Gate, we’re happy to help you find the ideal fencing system for your farming needs. Whether you manage cattle, horses, or smaller livestock, there’s a perfect solution waiting for you! Below, we’ve outlined some of the most common forms of fencing available on the market. If you have any questions about installation, customization, or anything else, feel free to talk with one of our specialists!


Electric Livestock Fences

Serving as an effective boundary for your livestock and a deterrent against would-be predators, electric fencing provides affordable solutions for all kinds of farming ventures. For one, constructing a quality electric fence is both (relatively) cheap and simple. All you need is a dependable current and the right tensile strength for your particular livestock. Electric wires may also be bundled together with other fence types for reinforced protection.

There are many kinds of wiring our team can utilize to adjust conductivity. Besides picking the right tensile strength, matching the controller capabilities to your fence size is critical. Our professionals would be happy to talk with you about meeting your fence specifications.


Pipe Fence Installation For Livestock

When you need a durable fence to help you keep a handle on your livestock, you can’t go wrong with pipes. Durable and versatile, this system is designed with steel piping to ensure it stays stable, giving your horses, cattle, or other animals security while also keeping them safe. T-Town Fence & Gate offers this popular fence option for farms, ranches, and commercial properties in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. Our team of professionals can conduct the replacement or installation services that you need to keep your property secure. Give us a call at 918-221-0048 to learn more about our pipe fence installation and replacement service today!

Rail Fences

Rail Fencing

There’s always the traditional wooden rail fence, suitable for containing large animals. Our professionals can customize your fencing material to better match your strength requirements. Pressure treated timber better resists fungal rot and aggressive pests. Vinyl coating provides a smoother surface and durable color for your fence. There’s even PVC plastic if you’d prefer a wood alternative.

No matter what sort of material you decide on, our team is happy to help you construct a long-lasting field fence or horse fence for your farm. Additional considerations to make are fence coatings (if you decide on a wooden material), post intervals, and wire reinforcement.


Cable Fencing

While they tend to run higher than regular wire fencing, cables offer the greatest containment strength. These woven strands of steel are bound together and stretched between anchor posts. Spacing and the number of cables can be adjusted to suit your preferences. The larger the livestock, the more cables you’ll want to utilize.

Wire Fencing

High Tensile

High-tensile wire provides a very affordable means of containing and protecting your animals. If you’re looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance solution, this type of fencing could be your best option. There are a couple of points of customization to consider when building something from high-tensile wire that meets your containment needs. One is whether or not to augment your fence wiring with electric current (which is highly recommended). Another is the material to anchor the wires, which can range from insulated metal to simple wooden posts.

Mesh Wire

Mesh wiring may be a little more costly than other types of wire fencing, but it also provides stronger protection for your livestock. The more concentrated wiring is particularly effective for confining livestock in small areas when it’s time to feed, treat, or simply corral your animals. Because of the greater expense involved with this kind of mesh fence, it’s generally used for smaller projects.

Woven Wire

Woven wire fences are very similar to mesh. Once again, a series of horizontal and vertical wires are bound together to provide a tighter boundary of protection. Most woven wire options don’t exceed two feet in height as they are used for containing smaller animals. You can tailor the size of the fence to ensure your livestock can’t jump over it.


Barbed Wire

Of course, barbed wire is one of the most common types of farm fencing used for fields or animals. Perfect for discouraging small animals from digging under or trespassers from climbing over, barbed wire actually comes with a surprising amount of customization. Our professionals can tailor barb intervals, wire count, post spacing, and tensile strength so you get the kind of fence that you need for your property. 

Recommended Fencing for Your Livestock

A Tall Cattle Fence With Wire and Metal Anchors

Cattle Fencing is Often Reinforced With Barbed Wire or Electric Wires to Discourage Curiosity.

So what’s recommended for your particular livestock? Below is a list of general recommendations.

  • Horses: Rail / Board Fences, Mesh, Tensile
  • Sheep: Electric + Mesh or Woven
  • Pigs: Mesh, Barbed
  • Cattle: Cable + Electric or Barbed
  • Smaller Animals: Mesh, Woven

Professional, Quality Fence Installation

No matter what your Tulsa, OK field, horse, or farm fencing needs may be, you can depend on our professionals at T-Town Fence & Gate for impeccable installation and replacement. Feel free to consult with any of our specialists about finding the right specifications for your needs. To learn more about our services or to receive an estimate, give us a call at 918-221-0048Be sure to ask about our other fencing services!