Barbed Wire Fence Installation in Tulsa, OK

Barbed Wire Fence Installation And Repair

barbed wire installation

Originally Invented In 1868, Barbed Wire Fencing Is Still A Common Choice!

Are you looking for barbed wire fence installation in Tulsa, OK? At T-Town Fence & Gate, we offer affordable and professional barbed wire fence installation and repair services. Barbed wire is made of clusters of sharp spikes placed at varying intervals across a metal wire. The first practical barbed wire, invented in 1868, nicknamed ‘vicious wire’, was incredibly sharp and caused more than a few injuries! Today we offer a few variations of barbed wire, but they all have large, obvious barbs that are far more blunt than the original version. However, like its predecessor, today’s barbed wire is commonly used on rural properties to mark property lines, contain livestock, and deter predators from bothering livestock. You can also find barbed wire in use atop other types of fences, such as chain link, in order to prevent trespassers from climbing over. If you are interested in adding a barbed wire fence to your residential or commercial property, give our professional fencing contractors a call at 918-221-0048 today!

Benefits Of A Barbed Wire Fence

barbed wire fence installation

A Barbed Wire Fence Is An Inexpensive Way to Contain Livestock And Mark Your Property Line!

Here in Oklahoma, barbed wire fences are fairly common, and with good reason! Barbed wire fencing is a cost effective option for large plots of rural land. This is because the wires are hardy enough to hold up through all kinds of weather, and when properly installed, and in good conditions, the fence posts can last for years. In fact, when installed with steel posts, your barbed wire fence could last over 25 years. The cost of your barbed wire fence will vary depending on the materials used, but for large properties, this type of fence is a significantly cost-effective choice. Barbed wire fences are also a great way to keep your property secure, by keeping trespassers out, and distinctly marking your property lines. Barbed wire is also a popular choice for heightening the security of traditional fence types. You can often find barbed wire curled or high-tension strung atop high security fences made of chain link or cedar, or even wrought iron.

While many property owners consider installing their own barbed wire fences fences, we can assure you that you will get higher quality materials and a longer lasting fence at a better price when you go with the pros at T-Town Fence & Gate. Barbed wire is a tricky material to work with if you don’t have the right experience, and mistakes could lead to injury of yourself or damage to your fence. We have years of experience providing barbed wire fence installation in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding areas, and our fences are built to last. We provide high quality installations, and professional barbed wire repair services as well. Give us a call today at 918-221-0048 to schedule your appointment!