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Identifying Storm Damage Around Your Home

It’s amazing how much frustration one hail storm can inflict on a community. Responding to this challenge with prompt storm damage restoration will help you avoid even graver headaches down the road. First, we have to understand the signs of storm damage and how it applies to homeowners insurance. We’ll be focusing on external home trauma in this quick guide.

What is Storm Damage?

Hail Damaged Siding Boards

Damaged Siding is Just One of the External Areas You’ll Need to Check After a Storm.

The term encompasses a wide array of catastrophes. There are three principle categories of storm trauma: hail, wind, and water damage. Each is responsible for billions of dollars in homeowner repair expenses each year, so they should all be taken seriously.

Storm damage may also refer to any secondary damage that was caused as a result of these force. Depending on the circumstance, severe wind causing a tree to collapse on your fence could be considered storm damage. This by-extension type of reasoning should be kept within reason however. A hail storm can’t be blamed for your the termite damage in your backyard deck.

What to Look For When Identifying Storm Trauma

There are several areas to examine when searching for external storm damage. The best place to start is your roof, where you can scan for pock marks (after hail storms), uplifted shingles, and gaps in the rooftop. If you detect any of these symptoms, you need to schedule an inspection and storm damage repair as quickly as possible. We’ll discuss why prompt repairs are so important later.

Be sure to take pictures of everything, especially damage that is obviously connected with the storm. You can followup your roof check with a quick siding assessment. Here, you’ll be looking for holes, scraped paint, and displaced boards. Be sure to take a close look at your windows for any signs of damaged glass.

Finally, examine your fencing for signs of deteriorated paneling, especially if it’s made of wood panels. Not all wood fencing materials are created equal when it comes to storm damage. The extend of the trauma will likely hinge on what type of wood fence you own. Cedar fences typically weather storms the best, there are several other capable wood materials. Anyway, take special note of any badly scared panels or blown over sections. 

Storm Damage Restoration

A Handyman Examines The Edge of a Rooftop

A Prompt Inspection is Important After a Storm, Especially for Your Roof.

So now that we’ve carefully assessed the post-storm damage, what’s next? Now you examine your homeowners insurance policy and see what all is covered. Then you can start filing your claim for the roof, siding, and fencing. You may be wondering, “Is fence damage covered by homeowners insurance?” According to a recent article by Allstate, most homeowner insurance policies do indeed cover fencing damage (to a point). It’s still prudent to examine your policy. Here’s why.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Fence Damage

While your storm damage roof repairs probably don’t have one, there may be a limit on how much of your insurance policy will cover for your fence. For instance, a $350,000 homeowners policy may have a 10 percent cap for “other structures” (which the fence would fall under). That would mean your insurance would pay a maximum of $35,000 for your fence, minus any out-of-pocket expenses. You should talk with your agent before rushing a repair and see what your exact coverage is for your fencing.

Next, you may probably need to prove that the damage was, in fact, caused by the storm. A fallen tree on your fence can be the result of severe wind, but it could also be caused by years of degradation from termites or disease. If the tree collapse was the result of negligence, you might be out of luck.

What Work Needs to Be Done?

Replacing a Panel in a Wood Fence

Timely Repairs are Critical for Your Fence ,as Exposed Sections are Vulnerable to Further Damage.

That depends entirely on the extent of the damage. Perhaps you only need to repair a few cedar picket fence panels, or maybe the whole fence needs to be replaced. If there is significant scaring throughout the fencing system, or if there are many panels missing, it might be best to install a new fence entirely.

Ignoring damage to your fence, siding, or roof is simply not an option. The consequences of doing so are too costly. Your roof could develop leaks that lead to expensive wood rot, insulation damage, and even mold growth. Siding can suffer from many of the same problems.

How Can I Protect My Home From Storms?

For Your Roof

Your roof should take priority when it comes to protecting your home. Contact your local roofing professional as swiftly as possible to get started on repairs, just in case it rains again in the near future. This will save you from that costly water damage we mentioned earlier. If you have to get replacement roofing for your home, consider switching to a more storm-friendly rooftop material, such as architectural shingles or impact-resistant shingles. You’ll rest much easier when the next storm comes!

For Your Siding

Vinyl siding isn’t for everyone, but it does provide a great shield against weather damage. It’s difficult to ding and practically immune to corrosion, making it a very great low-maintenance siding option. For those that prefer metal, aluminum siding also provides durable weather protection.

For Your Fencing

Damaged fencing is much more susceptible further damage. Immediate storm damage repair or replacement will help you avoid many future headaches. Benefits of prompt repair include:

  • Preventing wood exposure to carpenter ants and termites
  • Restoring the color and presentation of your fencing
  • Discovering any areas affected by wood rot
  • Reinforcing weakened areas to extend the life of your fencing
Reinforced Fencing With a Drying Mat

Reinforcing Your Fence Helps With Future Storms.

Preparing your fencing against future storms doesn’t have to be a struggle. First, you can start by  reinforcing the posts and supporting rails. Home Depot has a great article that outlines the process step by step. You can start this process by installing bracers beneath the cross-rails, using simple 2 x 4 cleats. If you want to further strengthen the rails on your fence, you can even install a duplicate sister rail beneath your existing one. Afterwards, you can easily replace any individual panels that are too damaged for repair.

Our team provides all manner of fencing solutions, including our signature T-Town Fence & Gate cedar fence repair service. We would love to help you repair, restore, or replace your storm damaged fencing in Tulsa, OK! Give us a call today at 918-221-0048!

Why You Should Get a Wrought Iron Fence

brick and wrought iron fence

Wrought Iron Looks Great When Paired With Brick Fencing or Columns

If you are wanting a classic fencing look but still want protection for your home, consider getting wrought iron fencing. Popular since the Renaissance Times, wrought iron fences have stayed in such high demand due to their beauty and durability. The iron rails are impossible to get through without powerful welding or sawing machinery which a burglar or prankster wouldn’t be carrying on themselves. They also provide visibility, so your animals can still see past the fence but are safely contained. There are many great perks of wrought iron fencing, one of them being they look good with any house exterior, driveway, or gate. A wrought iron fence would look great with a tar and chip driveway. For wrought iron fencing installation in Tulsa, OK, call T-Town Fence & Gate at 918-221-0048 today.

Benefits of Getting a Wrought Iron Fence

  • Versatility with design options: The black iron fencing looks good with any other material and is commonly paired with wood or brick as gates or columns.
  • Protection: You will get a lifetime of security and impenetrability from wrought iron as they cannot be cut through, climbed over, or removed from the ground. You can opt for sharp pikes at the top for added security.
  • Timeless: Wrought iron will never go out of style and classes up any home.
  • Visibility: The spaces between the metal bars allow you to see someone approaching your home and gives you time to call the authorities. This also provides no place for thieves to hide.

Protecting Your Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence

Wooden Fences Require Special Consideration During Your Backyard Maintenance.

Wooden fences have long been a staple among classic homes, but nowadays they’ve become even more popular. There are a few commonly used types of wood used for fencing, such as…

  • Spruce
  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Redwood

Picking a wood that’s right for your home may be a little difficult, but effectively protecting your lovely new fence is just as trying. Thankfully, we have a quick little guide to help you get started!

Tips for Protecting Your Fencing

The first part of protecting your fencing is choosing an appropriate wood for your environment. If your home has had problems with termites or carpenter ants in the past, you’ll want to choose a resilient material that resists insect damage. Cypress and redwood trees are both highly effective against insects, though they tend to come at a premium price. If you live an area with high humidity, you may want a rot-resistant cedar instead.

Next, you’ll want to identify any potential hazards for your fence line. You may have had a tree survey completed when you first purchased your property. If not, you may want to schedule one before you get started on your backyard makeover.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your fence is coated for protection. Painting or staining will do the trick, but we recommend staining for long-term effect. The usually recommended waiting time before staining is around eight weeks after installation. Alternatively, you can have the wood stained before it’s installed. You can also elect to have your wood pre-treated by the manufacturer, which can add a couple years of lifetime.

How Long Will a Wood Fence Last?

So once you’ve gone through all this effort, how long will your fencing last? Spruce and pine have the shortest average lifespans (out of the trees we’ve mentioned), but they can both last around 20 years if we’ll maintained. Cedar can last twice as long, while cypress and redwood have similarly long lifespans.

Get a Quote for Cedar Fence Installation!

Our team at T-Town Fence & Gate would love to answer any questions you have about wood fences. If you’re interested in installing fencing for your yard, consider one of our lovely wooden fences, such as our T-Town cedar fencing! You can give us a call at 918-221-0048.

Privacy Fence Vs Wall Installation

Many homeowners would like some sort of privacy around their home, built are unsure of whether to install a wall or fence. Whether you’re looking for more privacy or simply an aesthetic boost, walls and fences can add depth, dimension, and class to your home. Both deliver great benefits to your home, but privacy fencing can offer pleasing curb appeal without the extra cost of wall construction. Find out how a privacy fence can contribute to the overall appeal of your home. Call the T-Town Fence & Gate experts at 918-221-0048 for help with your decision.

Benefits of a Privacy Fence

We Can Help You Choose the Best Privacy Fencing Material for Your Needs.

What Is the Difference Between a Wall and a Fence?

Barrier walls are often defined as a solid structure that follows the length of the property. These structures are made of stone or brick and are incredibly long-lasting. However, they take much longer to build than fencing and can cost up to three times as much. A fence, however, is typically a transparent structure that is comprised of connecting material between two post points. Fences are able to be adjusted and moved since they are not completely attached to the ground. Privacy fencing is a great option for a semi-permanent solution that can be moved, painted, and adjusted. Privacy fencing is also less costly than wall creation, due to the fewer supplies and man hours needed. Not sure whether you want a wall or security fence for your home? The T-Town Fence & Gate experts can help you make the best decision.

What Fence Should I Get?

Most security fencing comes in wooden or synthetic slats that attach together with a crossbar between posts. Your security fence can be anywhere from 5 ft to 9 ft and can deliver a completely blocked view with overlapping slats or a semi-private view with strategically spaced slat boards. Wooden slats are affordable and sturdy and can be painted to match your home. These fences provide ultimate security fencing for around 7-10 years before needing replacement and repair. Synthetic slats offer minimal maintenance and upkeep efforts but are more costly upfront. To find out what type of material is ideal for your privacy fence in Tulsa, OK, call the T-Town Fence & Gate experts at 918-221-0048.

How To Pick The Best Gate For Your Home


Gates Look Great And Give Your Home Additional Security!

Your home is your sanctuary and to keep it safe you want quality security. There are many ways to accomplish this. One of the best ways to protect your home is to make it less palatable to thieves and vagrants through security measures. Gates can add to the beauty and look of your home while also giving your home a secure and well-protected look that tells those with ill-intent that breaking into your home is not in their best interest. If you are thinking about adding a gate to your home fence, you may find there are many available options. Which is the best for your needs? Consider the following questions.


  1. Do I Have Enough Space For A Gate? – Depending on the type of gate, it will require a  different amount of space. Swinging gates require a big enough external or internal radius to open, whilst sliding gates need enough to be able to retract. This can reduce the types of gates you can look at.
  2. Do I Want Automatic or Manual? – While the goal is to secure your property, you may find yourself deciding on whether or not an electronic gate is the best choice. Automatic gates can be more expensive, but give you the luxury of security without manually having to open the gate every time.
  3. Do I Want It To Swing or Slide? – The way your gate opens can play a vital role in deciding which you choose. Swinging gates can give your home an open and welcoming feeling, however, these require a good deal of consideration as the way they open can impede foot traffic outside your home and be inhibited by available space. Sliding gates are more compact, but also may require more space than you have.

After you have considered the above questions, you may have a better idea of what kind of fence your home needs. Want to get started today? Give T-Town Fence & Gate a call today at 918-221-0048 for your gate installation in Tulsa, OK.

White Picket Fence

When it comes to picking the fence that goes in your backyard, the options are seemingly endless. In a more typical manner you may see many wooden fences that line the streets of suburban America, but if you want something equally traditional with the ability to see through to the other side, you may want to consider a picket fence. This fence has been around for a very long time and has made quite the name for itself. The most common term we hear about picket fences is the white picket fence, often referring to the “American Dream”. Now times they sure have changed, and many homes don’t come with a little white picket fence, but it can. The fun part though is that it doesn’t have to be white, it can be any color you want and you can have it installed anywhere you want.

Installing a picket fence

Choosing this type of fence is great, because, it is typically not very tall and the slats have gaps so it will not restrict your view. This makes it great for homes that have a lot of land that needs to be fenced in or a backyard that is closed off from a portion of your own land. The look of this fence will add tradition and class to any home that it stands in front of. If you have been thinking about getting a picket fence installed call T-Town Fence & Gate at 918-221-0048.

Why You May Want a Security Gate

With the lume of crime always hovering around us, you can never be too safe right? If you have been playing around with the idea of getting a security gate installed in front of your house, you have the right idea. Security gates not only look really cool and official, but they also keep you safe. These aren’t just for home residences either, putting a security gate around an apartment complex or storage unit will even attract potential clients because they will feel safer in choosing somewhere with added protection. A security gate can be opened by entering a password or even set up so that it can only be opened from a code on your phone or my calling a specific number. This can ensure that your mother in law doesn’t show up unannounced in your living room; we’re joking, kinda. All in all, a security gate is a great way to make yourself feel a little safer in a world that just isn’t that safe anymore.


Style – Whatever your style is, we can help you find the perfect match for you. The great part about security gates are that they don’t have to be big dungeon looking doors. We have clients that use traditional metal and even wood that adds a simple elegance to the entrance of their homes.

Safety – Homes that have a security gate are more likely to be stayed away from by burglars. There is a higher risk that if they tried to break into or over it, that someone would see them.

With so many safety features, it is obvious why people choose to have these gates installed. If you would like to have a security gate installed or would just like more information on them, call T-Town Fence & Gate at 918-221-0048 and we can get you all the information you need to make the best decision for you.

Getting a New Fence?

Are you on the hunt for a new fence? How do you know what to get? Have you looked at all your options? There are so many fencing materials out there to choose from, each good in their own way. There are alo different uses for fences. For example if you have a field and do not want someone on your property, you may consider getting a barbed wire fence added to your property. If you live in the suburbs, you may want to get a wooden fence to match the rest of your neighbors and to keep your privacy. If you live backed up to a field, golf course, or green belt you could think about getting wrought iron fencing to open up your backyard and be able to have a view from your back porch. There are many different options to choose from.

A Few Options

Brick Fencing – Brick is something that will last you a very long time. If you are looking for something durable and that will give you an old timey classic look, then brick may be the right kind of fence for you.


Wrought Iron Fences – These have been around for a very long time and for a good reason. They open up a yarde while still making sure it feels like yours. It is also great in places that have strong weather like heavy wind and tornadoes because it won’t fall over as easily as a wooden fence will.

Wooden Fencing – This is the most popular among suburban home because they give you full privacy even when backed up to a neighbor.

There are so many different materials and styles of fence that can be chosen. If you need need help choosing or would like to have your fence installed right away contact T-Town Fence & Gate at 918-221-0048 and let us help you!

The Benefits Of A Brick Fence

If you are interested in adding a new fence to your home, there are plenty of options to choose from. The type of fence you choose should rely heavily on what you need it for. For example, if you want your property to be more private, a privacy fence is the obvious solution. If you want to feel safer, a security fence would fit the bill. If you’re looking for a fence that provides privacy and security, while also needing minimal maintenance, a brick fence is a great place to start. Today we will go over the benefits of installing a brick fence.


brick fence

Is A Brick Fence Right For Your Home?

Brick fences are one of the most durable fencing options available. They can remain standing for decades, and are impervious to wind, hail, and even fire! Brick or stone fences are also great at keeping pets and children safely within your yard.


Brick and stone fences are also pretty difficult to see through, which is great for providing your property with privacy. If you are looking for a fence that turns your home into a quiet place of peaceful relaxation, a brick fence won’t let you down.

Low Maintenance

Last but not least, brick fences are incredibly low-maintenance. They can stand for many decades with very little help from you. Many people enjoy the aged appearance of a brick fence, but if you want it to keep looking brand new, the only thing it needs is an annual pressure washing!

Decorate Your Fence for Christmas

Decorating the home for the holidays is a long-standing and fun tradition. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or any other holiday of the season, stringing those lights and other items are part of the joy. If you want to make your fence as festive, here are some tips for you to decorate your fence for Christmas.

The Classics

Christmas Fence with Santa Hat and Bells

Decorate Your Fence for Christmas.

Some things never go out of style, and that’s not a bad thing. Colorful lights, and even standard stringed lights are always nice, as are bows, garlands, wreaths, and other classic, recognizable staples. If you want to jazz up the classics, try organizing them a little differently this year.

The Funny

Your fence is a great canvas for your creativity. As long as the decorations are not too heavy and don’t damage your fence, the possibilities are almost limitless. Making use of the Grinch is a popular way to have some fun; you can set him up as though he’s climbing your fence to get into your yard, or set up lights halfway over your fence and link the rest to him so that he’s stealing them. Have Santa chase his sleigh and reindeer as they “fly” away; just set him in the yard and the other parts on top of your fence.

The Flashy

If you like some glamour and flash, get some twinkling lights and organize them so that they flash words and phrases. You can wish everyone on the block Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and anything else you feel is festive and appropriate.

Never underestimate the value and fun in good fencing. Decorate your fence for Christmas and the holidays, and call T-Town Fence & Gate at 918-221-0048 when you need your fence repaired, or new fencing in Tulsa, OK.